Standards and Emerging Issues Advisory Group

The Standards and Emerging Issues Advisory Group (SEIAG) advises the PCAOB on existing standards, proposed standards, potential new standards, and on matters other than standards, such as emerging issues, that are of significance to the PCAOB in order to protect the interests of investors and further the public interest in the preparation of informative, accurate, and independent audit reports.


    • John Bendl, CPA
    • Preeti Choudhary, Ph.D.
    • Brian T. Croteau, CPA
    • Christine Davine
    • Susan O. DuRoss
    • Ron Edmonds, CPA
    • David Fabricant, CPA
    • Margaret Foran
    • Robert Hirth, Jr.
    • James (Jim) Hunt, CPA
    • Jennifer R. Joe, Ph.D., CPA
    • Josh Jones, CPA
    • W. Robert Knechel, Ph.D.
    • Sara Lord, CPA
    • Melanie Senter Lubin
    • Jon Lukomnik
    • Jeffrey P. Mahoney, J.D., CPA
    • Steven Morrison, CPA
    • Dane Mott, CFA, CPA
    • Sandra J. Peters, CPA, CFA
    • Diane Rubin, CPA
    • Kecia Williams Smith, Ph.D., CPA
    • Lynn Turner
    • John White

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    The next public meeting will be announced in 2024.

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