AuditorSearch is a public database of engagement partners and audit firms participating in audits of U.S. public companies.


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What can you do on AuditorSearch?


Search by engagement partner,
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Find the name of the engagement
partner on a specific audit of a
public company.

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Discover the name, location or
extent of participation of other audit

How many people use AuditorSearch?

As of December 31, 2022, 2,242,068 unique searches had been performed on AuditorSearch, and the entire data set was downloaded 49,383 times.

Download the number of searches and users by date. 

About the data

The data used by AuditorSearch is collected from Form APs filed by registered firms. The firms submit a Form AP for each audit report issued for a public company.

For more information, visit the Form AP resource page.

Download the entire data set

Download the entire data set (updated daily) from AuditorSearch. Data in the ticker field is not available in the download. Download the data dictionary.

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